Buyer’s Step

Getting Pre-Approved is the first step in buying a house. The process requires that you complete a mortgage application and provide the lender with basic information regarding your income, debt, and assets. All this is the necessary documentation to check your financial background and credit value to date. After this part of the process has taken place, then you will be advised the exact mortgage amount for which you were approved. As mentioned before, our golden and long-term business relationships with multiple lenders will ease this step and expand your options from being a first-time home buyer in need of down payment or closing cost assistance to a specific financing option typically only qualified for by experienced investors.

Sellers Steps

A listing appointment with Alex or any of his accomplished team members is the first important step in order to sale your home. Once a meeting is set with him, a marketing plan is pre-established that will ensure the maximum exposure of your property within all our Real Estate networks as well as through the latest technology and listing search engines available to the public. Followed by that, a listing agreement is thoroughly revised and signed. Once the listing agreement is signed, your house will be prepared for the market by focusing on any pending repairs as well as buyer aesthetic appeal with the assistance of our talented and professional in house interior design firm, Montenegro Interior Design. Your home will now be listed on MRIS (Multiple List System) and will be advertised on sources like Zillow, Trulia, Twitter, Facebook and other social network outlets. After carefully strategizing the marketing targets, we will have an open house and a “broker’s open” where your home is professionally displayed to interested buyers and other agents that could potentially bring an interested buyer. Once we secure a specific buyer for your home, their agent will produce a contract or offer that we will then review in order to negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf. We will then coordinate and schedule for an appraisal and a home inspection as part of the buyers financing. Once the buyer’s financing has been secured and a lender commitment has being obtained then we will make sure to schedule with the title company to ensure that everything is ready for closing.