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Alex Martinez has worked in the real estate business over 11 years from which he has helped multiple buyers and sellers achieve their goals. He gives clients his undivided attention and tries to exceed their expectations to the fullest. It is his drive and determination that has led him to his successful career. His ability to quickly build rapport and trust with his clients explains why 70% of his business comes from repeat and referral clients. He has earned many awards for his continuous and consistent production. As you may well already know only ten percent of the Real Estate Agents dominate the Real Estate Market and he is part of the top one percent in the whole nation. This can only tell you that experience does not come by years in the market rather by production and the consistency of keeping up with the difference aspects of the Real Estate Market.


Fabiana Medeiros

Alex was awesome. It was a great experience. For the first home buyer, Alex was giving me all the information and support. Informed me right away, it was very reliable, professional, quick response and dedicated. I fully recommend him.  

Michelle G.

My experience with Alex Martinez was nothing short of amazing. He performed superbly as a real estate agent but more than that he was a savvy advisor, understanding my needs and guiding me skillfully throughout the entire process. I went into this process knowing very little and could have easily been taken advantage of by a lesser agent. Luckily for me, I found Alex. He patiently guided me through the entire process, listening to me and making sure my needs were met. He was relentless in the search for the right property, and once it was found, was equally relentless negotiating what was the best possible deal. Alex made me feel confident throughout the entire experience. No one will ever compare to my experience with Alex. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase, buy, or rent their home.  

Monica Farmer

Mr. Martinez and Associate, Tony V, were very professional and responsive to my inquiries and questions. I felt that they both were knowledgable of local resources to aid me purchasing my home. I felt that they representated my opinions and suggestions accurately to the seller and seller's realtor. Mr. Martinez referred me to two reputable finance agencies of which one I selected and had my loan was approved very timely. I will rate my overall experience with Mr. Martinez and Mr. Tony V. as very good.    

Karen Cabrera

If you are in the market for buying or selling your house, I will strongly recommend Alex Martinez and his crew. They are very professional and efficient in doing their job. The way his team helped us with the purchase of our new home was pleasant and enjoyable.    

Miguel Lopez Ruiz

I contacted Alex in order to help me look for a rental property. I did not have good credit and I thought I wouldn't be able to buy. He helped me get pre-approved with a lender and instead of continuing to rent, now I own my own home !!! Not only that, the lender he connected me with, Equity Prime, assisted me in obtaining downpayment assistance and a grant for a total of $20,000. I did not have to bring any money to closing!!!! I will always look for Alex if I ever decide to purchase another home, and I always refer all of my friends and family with him.    

Lisa Johnson

Alex was great and I enjoyed working with him and staff. He is very knowledgable about the market and made the experience of buying my first home fun and not sstressful. He is a very hardworking person who will do everything he can to help you find and get the home you want, I would reccommend him to my family and friends.    

Sophie Robles

Fantastic group of individuals!!! All of them! Alex, Tony V, Hector, Mario, Sergio are the most hardworking and dynamic realtors I've ever had the pleasure of working with. By far the best. Very professional, honest and incredibly attentive to their clients. Their work ethic and knowledgable selfless service to serving their community is nothing short of outstanding!! I am truly blessed to have met Alex as he has helped ease the process of finding my dream home. They are also bilingual which is a plus, I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone looking to buy the home of their dreams!    

Byron M.

Alex was a true professional through out the transaction process he went above and beyond his responsibilities as an agent. I truly felt a great sense of trust and knowledge and knew I could depend on Alex even answering my calls and emails late at night. Thanks so much for your assistance and I look forward to working with you in the future.    

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